Kathryn Rogers DipNT mBANT

Nutritional Therapist - My Career Journey

  • I am passionate about the value of good food and helping people add quality to their life through the enjoyment of interesting, nutritious and tasty food.  Over many years I have cooked and created recipes for friends and colleagues to not only provide a positive eating experience – but also to support their wellbeing
  • I first started my formal cookery and nutrition education at college over thirty years ago whilst training for a career in hotel and catering management.

HND [Colchester June 1983] in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management, included training in business management, food sciences and high class cookery


  • Since then I have continued to gain experience in food preparation and have provided friends, families and party-goers with a variety of menus to satisfy a wide range of dietary needs and food desires.
  • I have worked in healthcare for over twenty years at a GP practice, working with patients, general practitioners and nurses.  This work has included a wide range of healthcare business process management  issues such as chronic disease quality contract record keeping.
  • I also have a qualification in health informatics, which relates to my knowledge in, and application to, patient records processing and business process management.

NHS IM&T Diploma [York January 2000]


  • Working in the primary care environment has made me aware of the effects of long term conditions, and the care and treatment that clinicians need to provide for patients.
  • Becoming a nutritional therapist has allowed me to combine my knowledge, training and experience in food, cooking and primary care.
  • Consequently I am well-positioned to provide a professional service to individuals, imparting my knowledge to provide personalised nutritional advice and motivational guidance to complement the work of the clinicians in primary care.

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy [Premier Training International July 2013]
Membership of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy)

Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CNHC)

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Kathryn Rogers DipNT mBANT

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