Personalised Nutrition

Our genes may determine how much we look like mum or dad, but they may also determine how our bodies react to the intake of the nutrients, our metabolism and how we function.  As a result, some of us may gain significant health benefits from more or less of particular foods or nutrients.

Turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper, tune into the radio – general dietary advice is everywhere and it can be as misleading as it is helpful.  Nutritional therapy recognises that everyone is an individual – so there are no ‘off the shelf-solutions’ – no ‘one size fits all’ approaches.  Each programme is tailored, individual and bespoke.

Nutritional therapy may help a variety of condition types.  Your doctor may have diagnosed a 'pre-' or borderline condition, such as diabetes or hypertension; you may have been identified to be at moderate risk of developing a condition such as heart disease, or you may have had family members diagnosed with a condition that may be hereditary.


Dietary lifestyle changes may help address a range of specific long term conditions or may simply help you to work towards optimal health.

The Good Life

While nutrition is an important factor towards health and well-being, it doesn’t mean that you have to live on muesli and salad!  It is important that menus are tasty as well as nutritious, and that meals are always something to look forward to.

Is it for me?


I provide advice about how to tailor your diet and nutrient intake to your individual needs

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