Individual programmes for health and wellbeing

‘You are what you eat’ may be a cliché but it has surely never been truer – particularly in relation to health and wellbeing.  Life is full of individual priorities – around work, around family - even around illness - and what we choose to eat may have an enormous impact on how we cope with the pressures of everyday life.  Additionally, ongoing medical conditions and other illnesses can often significantly influence our quality of life.


While it may seem that we are constantly bombarded with advice about healthy eating - there is far more to good nutrition than getting your 'five a day' or knowing the difference between good and bad fats!



Personalised Nutrition

The key to successful nutritional therapy lies in understanding the root causes of persistent health issues.  Once that’s established, nutrients with specific potential benefit can be targeted, or nutrients that are potentially harmful can be avoided.  Nutritional supplements, if appropriate, may also be recommended as part of a tailored programme.

Small Group Nutrition: Motivational group sessions

A diet and lifestyle programme to optimise brain health

The result?  Effective long-term support for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Personalised Nutrition


My philosophy is that a good diet is personal; one that is right for each individual.

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